Acknowledged as a World Heritage Site by the United Nations Organization for Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 1987, the Brazilian capital is an icon of modern architecture. Represented by the Monumental, Residential, Gregarious and Bucolic scales, signed by Lucio Costa, and the buildings designed by Oscar Niemeyer, Brasília is internationally known for the curves in reinforced concrete and the unique beauty of its skyline.

The city is the third gastronomic center in Brazil and has a range of itineraries that congregate in 112.25 km² of architecture, environment, leisure, and sports.

The central location means that access is privileged. The airport of Brasília is the second busiest in the country and connects the city with all Brazilian capitals in less than two hours of flight, in addition to receiving six international direct flights.

The wide and well-marked roads allow the flow of traffic. Services are organized by sector, allowing visitors to stay less than one kilometer from the city center and make walking tours.

In 2016, Brasília will be celebrating 56 years since its opening. Despite being very young, the capital of Brazil is already a world reference thanks to its modern architecture, quality of life and for potential to receive investments in a number of business areas. The hosting of the WCIT 2016 strengthens the economic potential of the city in the development of technology, innovation, skilled labor, and clean industries.

Brasília stands out in Latin America as a hub for hosting large international events. After hosting the opening match of the Confederations Cup in 2013 and seven matches of the FIFA World Cup 2014, the country’s capital is preparing to be an Olympic city in 2016, when the Mané Garrincha Stadium will be a venue to football matches of the men’s and women’s national teams during the 2016 Summer Olympic Games.

In 2018, Brasília will be hosting the World Water Forum, whose last edition in 2012 in Marseille, France had an estimated audience of 35,000 people.


Brasília, the host city of the WCIT 2016, is the first fully planned region in Brazil. The urban project was selected by means of a tender, whose winner, Lucio Costa, was inspired by the famous street in Paris – Champs-Élysées – to divide the city into sectors, one of them aimed at hospitality.

The Hotel Sector is located in the city center, near the main sights and vital services such as shopping malls, restaurants, the National Theatre, the National Stadium, and the Ulysses Guimarães Convention Center – the fourth largest in Latin America. In addition, the hotels located in this sector are 15 minutes from the Juscelino Kubitschek International Airport and near bus stations and taxis.


Brasília is living the main moment of transformation in the Information Technology industry. The industry has been acknowledged as strategic by the Government of the Federal District is receiving investments to improve the structuring and development of new and large companies in the city.

With the Digital Park project, established companies, universities and entrepreneurs will have an exclusive space where they will be focusing on development and research projects to innovate and export Brasília’s technology to the world. Large companies will be invited to invest their capital in the ideas launched and Brasília will become a global technology hub.

Currently, Brasília is the country’s third largest Information and Communication Technology (ICT) market. In total, the city has 700 companies and 30,000 professionals employed in the IT industry. Business generation is estimated at $3 billion annually and the average growth of the segment is 10% per year.

In addition, the capital is the center of the country’s political decisions and the headquarters of the three branches of government: legislative, judiciary, and executive. The city has the highest Human Development Index of the country and the highest per capita income in Brazil: R$50,000 a year, ahead of all Latin American countries and countries such as South Korea, Saudi Arabia, and Hungary.