The World Congress on Information Technology, which has taken place every two years since 1978, is organized by the World Information Technology and Services Alliance. WITSA is present in 82 countries, with the inclusion of members representing 90% of the global ICT market, as well as key global information technology companies.

The WCIT is based on four main pillars: speeches, exhibitions, B2B meetings, and social events. These afford a unique opportunity for expanding businesses and investments in companies and ideas, while generating competitiveness in the global market.




    With the theme, “Fulfilling the Promise of the Digital Age: Challenges and Opportunities,” the 20th WCIT will be staging debates on the role of business leaders, best practices, policy challenges and opportunities, as well as digital inclusion and innovations. The goal is to devise innovative technology development strategies as a tool for building an interactive society, which will promote advances in education, healthcare, and transportation, as well as other goods and services that impact the quality of life for people in every corner of the world. The event will address how people can utilize technology to improve growth and accessibility by sharing new and innovative ideas, in addition to how citizens can be empowered in bringing about positive changes throughout the world to improve the quality of life for all people.


    WCIT Brazil 2016 will bring together, for the first time in South America, large companies from various industries to conduct business in Brazil. It will be an opportunity for market expansion for small, medium, and large companies that will be in direct contact with the multinational corporations. In addition to Information and Communication Technology (ICT), corporations, banking networks, aviation companies, government agencies (ministries, departments, community councils and foundations), and the press are invited to get to know the country’s potential and invest in innovative initiatives. B2B meetings, i.e., private meetings with selected companies, will be highlights of the event, generating billions in business.


    Governmental organizations, as well as industrial stakeholders, will be invited to discuss policies and best practices affecting the ICT markets. The event will offer a unique opportunity to transform the image of Brazil as an attractive marketplace and a source for both foreign direct investment, as well as a leader in the export of ICT products and services. WCIT Brazil 2016 will be a focal point for the creation of a national digital agency, which will position ICT as front and center to public administration, acknowledgment of the industry as a generator of income, innovations, and employment. It will boost the national economy, while encouraging investment in technological innovations, research, and labor skill.


    The international IT elite will gather on stage at WCIT Brazil 2016. Renowned figures such as Vint Cerf, the computer scientist known as the “Father of the Internet” for being the co-creator of the TCP/IP protocols and basic Internet architecture; Howard Schmidt, former special Cybersecurity Advisor to the White House; and Alan Marcus, Senior Director of Information Technology & Telecommunications at the World Economic Forum are confirmed. In addition to these, celebrated scientists, researchers, international association presidents and professors from major universities will collaborate in the construction of a "Declaration of Brasília", which will capture the solutions identified and agreed in the plenary sessions of the event. It will include industry demands needed to fulfill the promises of the Digital Age– the theme of the Conference.


    Innovative products and services will prominently be exhibited at the event through both individual and major company booths. There, participants will have the opportunity to interact with company representatives to learn more about developed technologies to improve our quality of life on a global scale. The ability to exchange, replicate, share ideas, and establish partnerships will enable growing solutions for your respective regions and markets. It is a unique opportunity for small and medium size companies to expand with the use of successful proven business practices.


    Having a good relationship with people and interacting with the best entrepreneurs in the world is a big step towards success in business. WCIT Brazil 2016 will be attended by investors, academia, researchers and entrepreneurs all willing to engage in dialogue and getting to know the potential of the corporations participating. Special attention will be given to networking through the agenda of the World Congress on Information Technology. Side social events in the halls of the Convention Center will also afford the opportunity to meet and converse with speakers, government officials, and renowned personalities invited especially for the occasion. The international ICT market will be well represented in Brasília, creating an opportunity you do not want to miss!

WCIT 2016

2500 Visitors
82 Countries
60 Speeches
400 Business Roundtables



    2.500 participants are expected from roughly 80 countries; more than 60 internationally recognized speakers; business generation is estimated to be in the billions; and will include the presence of top Brazilian and foreign government leaders.


    Panels with a minimum of five specialists to discuss existing policies and obstacles to realization of the promise of the Digital Age and to identify solutions which will optimize access to technology innovations, creating further access to information and promoting the availability of critical products and services to the people around the world.


    Starting in 2016, the WCIT will take place annually, reinforcing its itinerant and global character and the potential to strengthen businesses through market access. The event is also an important thermometer for the industry as a result of the conclusions and solutions resulting from one event to the next - creating a much-needed continuity and reassesment from year to year.


    An opportunity to interact with the government and the private sector for a better understanding of the challenges to growth and the solutions that can be addressed by stakeholders working together with a common mission.


    With the goal of identifying the most outstanding ICT users, the WITSA Global ICT Excellence Awards honor organizations that have demonstrated exceptional achievement in using ICT to benefit societies, governments, individuals, organizations and the private sector. The awards are divided into five broad categories: Public Sector Excellence; Private Sector Excellence; Digital Opportunity; Sustainable Growth; Mobile Excellence


    The WCIT is organized by the World Information Technology and Services Alliance (WITSA). The Alliance brings together 90% of the leading IT companies around the world, which together generate over $4.3 trillion. In Brazil, the organization of WCIT 2016 is the responsibility of ASSESPRO, producing winners of the WITSA Global ICT Excellence Awards in 2012, 2013, and 2014.