Registration for WCIT 2016



Please join us in Brazil, as we host the first World Conference on Information Technology (WTIC) in a South American country. The most important brands in the ICT market will be available to help you achieve your professional goals. Invest in your technical and business qualifications by signing up to ensure your participation in the world’s largest Information Technology Event.


Brasilia, host city of WCIT 2016, is the first totally planned region of Brazil. The urban project was selected by contest, whose winner, Lucio Costa, was inspired by the famous street in Paris - Champs-Élysées - to divide the city into sectors, with the Hotel Sector accommodating all of your hospitality needs.

If traveling from John F Kennedy Airport, the Hotel Sector is a short 15 minute commute and in close proximity to bus stations and taxis. The Hotel Sector is located in the center of our city, making key attractions most convenient for your enjoyment. The National Theater, restaurants, shopping malls, and The National Stadium are just a few attractions for you to visit while in our city. Additionally, the Convention Center (Ulysses Guimarães), is located only 2 km away from the hotel sector, making it easily accessible for WCIT attendees.



The wide streets of Brasilia were built to create a peaceful coexistence between cars and pedestrians. Car rentals or taxis are a convenient and easy way to get around. There are fixed areas for taxi drivers near main buildings and recreational areas for your convenience. Please see links below for contracting a taxi. ADD LINKS – I don’t see any here. They need to be easily accessible for attendees to find, not making them look elsewhere!

The main urban bus stop (Road Pilot Plan) is centrally located in the center of the city on Monumental Axis. Additionally, you will find our Metro Stations which connect the North and South Wing.

Another great option for getting around are bikes. The city was designed to encourage the use of bikes as a main source of transportation, with lanes and bike paths everywhere. You can rent a bicycle at Bike Brasilia for only $10/day.

Ah! When in Brasilia, please remember we all respect the crosswalk.