Alan Marcus Alan Marcus Senior Director of IT and Telecommunications of the World Economic Forum
Randeep Sudan Randeep Sudan Information and Communication Technology Manager at the World Bank
George C. Newstrom George C. Newstrom Vice president and general manager of the Dell Group in the US
Manu Bhardwaj Manu Bhardwaj International Communications Coordinator and the Dep. of US State Information Policy
Som Mittal Som Mittal Former president of the Indian IT association, NASSCOM
Joan Dzenowagis Joan Dzenowagis Senior scientist and expert on international health policy at the World Health Organization
Oren Gershtein Oren Gershtein CEO at Ideality Roads. Former General manager of Van Leer Technology Ventures
Virgílio Almeida Virgílio Almeida President of the Management Committee of Internet in Brazil
Dr. Soumitra Dutta Dr. Soumitra Dutta Phd. in Computer Science and Master in Administration by the University of California
Anupam Chander Anupam Chander Author of "The Electronic Silk Road: How the Web Binds the World Together in Commerce."
Hanne Melin Hanne Melin She manages the EMEA arm for Public Policies of the eBay Laboratory.
Marie Lou Papazian Marie Lou Papazian Director of Tumo Center for Creative Technologies
Georgia Papthomas Georgia Papthomas Vice President and Group CIO at Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceuticals
Christopher J. Furlow Christopher J. Furlow Former Director in the White House Internal Security Office.
Christopher J. Furlow Former Director in the White House Internal Security Office. Former Director for State Affairs in the White House Internal Security Office. Complete profile
Carlos Pallotti Carlos Pallotti Sub-secretary of Technological at Argentina’s Dep. of Production
Barrister Abdur Raheem Shittu Barrister Abdur Raheem Shittu Nigeria Minister of Communications